SFF@SWITCH Go Forum@Interchange

At the Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF) and the Singapore Week of Innovation and TeCHnology (SWITCH), we’re launching a pilot – SFF x SWITCH Forum@InterchangeBETA – to enable
the community to share perspectives on the most current questions and issues from the conference sessions. Discuss your questions,
industry challenges, share your views and connect with others in these forums to seek or create solutions.

Exponential Technologies – Blockchain, Big Data, Cloud & Cyber Security, Quantum Design

These technologies will drive societies going forward. What is their potential and how can it be better harnessed? What are the opportunities and challenges associated with them? How can these technologies be used in the right way?

Innovation & Tech – Health, Advanced Manufacturing, Services & Digital Economy, InsurTech, RegTech

Realising a prosperous and equitable future will require immediate and collective action. Private sector tech innovation and financing will be pivotal in sustainable development across industries and sectors. What are the practical challenges and practices in a tech-driven economy? How can digitisation disrupt industries out of stagnation and distribute prosperity equitably? What does it take to build a community of innovators?

Investment and Global Marketing Opportunities and Innovation – Global Market Outlook, Strategies & Models, Investments, Regulation, Tech-Driven Opportunities and Threats

Asia is proving to be an increasingly popular investment destination as a result of the region’s burgeoning focus on innovation. Corporates, accelerators, entrepreneurs, and investors have all contributed to the innovation activity in various ways. Have Asian cities taken the lessons of Silicon Valley and made it their own? How is global interest converging in Asia to unleash growth and opportunities?

Regulators are re-evaluating the rule book in response to the rise of FinTech. Is there a need to remap the industry’s frameworks and models? What are the opportunities and perceived threats for navigating in the value chain? How does the FinTech landscape look like for emerging global markets? Will effective collaboration and rethinking core businesses help in ever-changing landscape?

Future of Finance – Ideas and Innovation in Finance, Banking and Insurance, Capital Markets and Market Infrastructure, Digital & Mobile Payments

Various emerging technologies have brought about significant innovation in the finance industry. This trend of continuous innovation would likely be the new normal. What must be done to keep up with this pace of change? What can be done to reap these benefits? Is it too late to join the game?

Sustainability, Finance and Tech – Sustainable Tech and Finance Challenges, Opportunities with Tech Solutions in Climate Change, Urban Solutions and Sustainability, Financial Inclusion

In 2015, the UN released a set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. Almost half a decade since that declaration of commitment, attempts to achieve sustainability in all aspects of our existence remain seemingly futile. Are development and sustainability mutually exclusive? What are the hopes for their co-existence or convergence? How can we integrate climate change considerations into investment strategies? What are the differences in perceptions on sustainability between developed and emerging countries? What solutions and steps can be taken to achieve sustainable development?

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